Intended to help its clients avoid frustrating, lengthy and costly civil litigation, DIVAH SPRIK’S consultancy areas in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) includes Mediation, Arbitration and Conciliation. Our ADR team has specialized experience serving as Conciliators, Mediators, and Arbitrators in domestic and international cases. Our company counsels in a wide range of domestic as well as international Arbitration matters, and has successfully been able to consistently maintain a strong and revered presence in Alternate Dispute Resolution process/mechanism. Our company is proud to maintain and serve with satisfaction, a diversified clientele including Financial Institutions, Joint Ventures, Construction and Infrastructure Companies, amongst other commercial entities. Our advisors focus on the problems faced by the clients to handle their needs in the perspective which is required to completely avoid and/or to put an end to unnecessarily prolonged litigation, thereby, saving immensely on the already scarce resources of time, money and energy, which when available, can be gainfully employed at other predominant areas of interest by the clients.


DIVAH SPRIK’S expertise in the field of Banking and Finance covers Acquisition and Leverage Finance, Structured Finance, Global Loans, Restructuring Asset Securitization, etc. Our regular interaction with the Reserve Bank of India, Indian Bank Association and various other major players and participants in the Indian Banking and Finance Sector has provided us with the in-depth knowledge and clear understanding of regulatory issues and statutory compliances. This has equipped us to satisfactorily address our valued clients’ requirements/ expectations, within the contour of an evolving regulatory framework, to suit their respective needs.


We fully understand that being charged with a criminal offence can be a very stressful and frightening time for our clients and their families. Our expertise has been drawn from experienced defence lawyers who understand the intricacies of the Criminal action. They can explain to the client what happens when they are charged with a criminal offence and what their options are in the most uncomplicated, easy to understand and lucid English. Our wide experience ensures that their matter is handled professionally and by people who understand how the system works, ensuring the best possible result.


When the client is ready to introduce a new idea or product to the world, we are ready to provide their business sound and protective legal advice. Our company provides legal assistance in several other intellectual property laws like Trademark, Copyright, Patent etc. We assist our clients in everything from the selection of trademark to its registration and maintenance. In addition, our company has access to several legal research database for the prompt and readily available answers qua many legal issues that might be of concern to the client. Our diverse skill set and experience with intellectual property law enables us to support businesses in a wide array of matters including:

• Trademark, copyright and patent infringement

• Trademark monitoring

• False advertising

• Infringement of the rights of publicity

• Internet domain disputes


DIVAH SPRIK has been able to gather unique and resourceful experience to suit the needs of all levels and scales of business entities, be it Start-up, Small Business and/or established Corporation, by being able to combine innovative ideas and dynamic business law practices. Whether a Start-up, Small Business or established Corporation, we are well versed and sufficiently equipped with creating forward thinking solutions to solve problems, to capitalize on growth opportunities and to sustain the gathered momentum for our clients so that the rich and ripened beneficial cumulative effect of the same can be harnessed by the respective client to become high and leading performers in their industries. We provide comprehensive corporate and regulatory counsel to the client’s real estate transactions, reorganizations, and other business matters. While every matter is unique, we handle corporate services and transactions from inception to completion with thoroughness and efficiency built on decades of experience.


We provide services in the matters, including:

  • Commercial Contracts and Outsourcing

  • Commercial Finance

  • Corporate Finance and Securities

  • Joint Ventures and Strategic Alliances

  • Mergers and Acquisitions

  • Venture Capital Financing


Competitive marketing of various goods often culminates into information misrepresented to the consumers, an outcome of which, consumers resort to Consumer Fora. We help our clients with cases of consumer matters in various Consumer Forums and Courts. We have rich and resourceful experience in the conduct of a wide variety of consumer disputes and have been successful in providing the required satisfaction to our clients.


Cost structuring of complex transactions requires an ingenious plan backed by careful research. Therefore, prudence requires entities to carry out standard ‘due diligence’ before a transaction is actually carried out with pen and paper. Success in a transaction depends on the potency of its risk evaluation and the proximate estimate of loss that might arise considering the factors in play. We undertake legal risk evaluation in support of investment, collaboration, Joint Ventures and M&A activity, infrastructure project development and their financing, re-financing, etc.


In today’s complex world, employers cannot do away with and do require updated labour and employment guidance, up-to-date advice and guidance on all the aspects concerning and covering employer-employee relationships, from preventative counseling to defending lawsuits. DIVAH SPRIK’S experience in Employment and Labour Law is a boon in helping employers and management negotiate labor disputes and structure their corporate procedures and policies to avoid potential litigation. DIVAH SPRIK keeps its clients updated on the dynamic and constantly developing laws, draft policies and procedures, assists with all workplace issues that may arise on a day-to-day basis, and zealously guards its clients against workplace charges and lawsuits. By partnering with our clients, the company limits the loss of time, money and management energy that inevitably arises from such workplace issues.


The environmental compliances and liability issues in terms, thereof, are now part of everyday life for most business even if they are not directly engaged in evidentially hazardous activities. The development in the environmental laws and regulations are now raising challenges for the business community and to steer clear away our clients from the ever increasing sphere of Environmental Laws, we provide specialized expertise and solutions beforehand, both on local level as well as global scale, and also as and when required on urgent and prompt basis. Our proficiency in this area helps us provide timely guidance and advice on all aspects governed by environmental laws.


Legal matters are an unavoidable part of relationship breakdown, and if not handled tactfully, rationally and proficiently, can compound what is already an extremely complicated and stressful time.  Our experts in family law provide advice on all legal issues surrounding a relationship breakdown. A divorce can affect many areas of the life of the client. It is important to have an experienced hand guiding the client through the process and issues such as custody, visitation, property settlement, maintenance/alimony etc. In case of financial and commercial disputes, where the opposing needs of the parties must be considered alongside the needs of other family members,  our team works alongside a well-known and extensive network of accountants and valuers to ensure the best outcome for the client. We have particular experience in cases involving family-owned companies and partnerships, as well as farming and overseas assets.


We offer our clients one of the top-rated international trade law related service. Our team is highly experienced in these matters, many having served with governments or other institutions involved in international trade, development, and policy. In addition, when the situation requires it, we draw on various industry and regulatory experience within the company to complement the international law practice. The company represents manufacturers and distributors, as well as organizations in the pharmaceutical, technology, transportation, food, alcohol, gas, and oil and energy sectors. The company assists clients with regional multilateral trade issues, trade policy, trade disputes, public international law, customs disputes, EU trade barriers regulation, EU competition law and World Trade Organization (WTO) issues.


Mining transactions require more than excellent technical legal skills; in-depth knowledge of the industry and the underlying drivers of success or failure, are critical components in ensuring that the optimal results are achieved. DIVAH SPRIK mines and minerals team brings together associates from market’s leading financing, corporate, dispute resolution and employment practices to provide most incisive advice available on the whole range of issues relating to mines and minerals laws. Our company regularly advises its clients in the mining and mineral sector on various issues, including merger-acquisition, joint ventures, capital market issues, competition and tax regulatory issues, employment issues and environmental laws.


We have extensive experience in the area of property laws. Our team for property disputes consists of specialists who have to their credits years of experience and clear understanding of the laws relating to property. The dynamic property team champions its insistence on close collaboration of highly seasoned property lawyers and clients on matters ranging from industrial and residential development, investment, acquisitions and disposals, leases, property finance etc.


We have an extensive experience in territorial management, real estate management and public utilities management. We use innovative methods for real estate management such as securitization, project financing, due diligence reports and management of real estate funds. Our Company is also proactive in financial and estate planning services to all income net worth level. Our estate planning professionals are open, accessible and focused on delivering thoughtful, innovative strategies to our clients.


DIVAH SPRIK provides consultancy to its clients on tax and legal matters for their new and expanding business. Tax laws are a highly regulated area. Frequent changes in law means that those who are involved in the business must continuously adjust themselves to the new requirements and demands, and act accordingly, so as to achieve their aims effectively.


Drafting is an integral part of the legal arena, which demands thorough understanding of the laws involved, viz-a-viz, requirements of the client. The company provides drafting solutions to the clients with such demands. We have a specialized team for drafting various legal documents such as agreements, MOU’s, deeds etc. The team comprises of competent professionals, with years of experience in drafting such legal documents, which are prepared keeping the latest position of law in mind.


DIVAH SPRIK adopts a structural and disciplined advisory approach and provides portfolio solutions, which meet the needs of the clients and their desired optimum financial goals. The focus of the company from day one has been to provide better, faster, and comprehensive services to all its clients, understanding the specialized and specific needs of their respective businesses.

DIVAH SPRIK offers a complete range of advisory solutions that complement its consultancy services. The approach of the company is to recommend to the client specific and crystal clear solutions in a fair manner with pragmatic approach after evaluation of all the options available to the client with an object to fully cater to their requirements and priorities.