The internship programme at DIVAH SPRIK Attorneys & Solicitors helps us locate motivated students, train them and create a valuable resource of talented individuals. Interns are constantly supervised and regularly evaluated. Feedbacks and inputs are encouraged. Interns are accepted in the programme after thorough pre-screening for ability, habits, interpersonal skills and professional adaptability. 


Interns will be given a brief orientation and training to facilitate their transition into our organization. This internship programme is planned with the aim to give the intern comprehensive knowledge and experience of law, writing and management. During the programme, interns will be assigned supervisors, who will guide them and monitor their progress.

Our internship programme is conducted in six batches. The duration of each batch is a minimum of two months:

1 January - 28 February

1 March - 30 April

1 May - 30 June

1 July - 31 August

1 September -  31 October

1 November - 31 December

The applicant can choose his/her preferred batch and apply below.

  • Office Timings:  10:00 am to 8:00 pm. ( Monday to Saturday)